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“The job of the CEO or the founder is to eliminate their own job.”

— Geoff Wilson

The Climb Ep. 10 w/ Geoff Wilson of Three Five Two:

Managing Growth, Leadership and Hawking Cards

Geoff is a through and through entrepreneur.

He started his first business in high school. He started his agency when in college. And he’s owned multiple businesses since then, including some ice cream shops. He’s still starting businesses. He won’t stop.

Why would he? He’s not a set it and forget it guy. He’s an innovator. Hence why his agency was one of the first to convert to agile only development.

He’s always looking for a competitive advantage and differentiator. Now his agency is on the bleeding edge of design thinking, working alongside Google.

This is the company Geoff’s built. An innovation company. They’re always pushing. But it’s not just him in a lab concocting ideas. He’s built the team around him that demands this level of innovation.

And he’s truly embraced eliminating his own job by surrounding himself with strong leadership. Thankfully, this created a little bit of time in his busy schedule where he could sit back a bit and chat with us.

Join us for episode 10 where we talk with Geoff Wilson about leveraging resources, outbound marketing strategies, managing growth, leadership, peddling sports cards and more.

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