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“Agencies' biggest pain points are labor efficiency and understanding how to properly manage and utilize labor.”

— Brad Ebendoah

The Climb Ep. 15 w/ Brad Ebenhoeh: How to Get Out of This & Future Proof Your Agency from Crisis

Brad’s a numbers guy. He’s also a process guy. When you mix the two, the output is a powerhouse company designed to help digital agencies propel their growth.

It’s called Accountfully. This is where he and his team manage clients’ books and act as a CFO, helping with financial decisions of shapes and sizes.

And he’s also a quick study. In a matter of days, many were calling him a PPL and EIDL expert.

In any event, he was kind enough to come on the podcast and tell us what we can do right now in this crisis as well as what we can do to future proof our agencies.

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Show Notes