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“ It comes down to what problem you’re going to solve for them. No one wants to hire someone just to tread water. You have to be capable of explaining to the client what you’re going to do for them and what problem you’re going to solve.”

— David McGraw

The Climb Ep. 44 – How to Fill Your Pipeline

Are you staying up at night worried about filling your sales pipeline with potential clients? The sales pipeline is an essential sales tool for agencies that allows businesses to visualize their sales process, which can make a significant difference to the bottom line.

So, what makes a good pipeline? How do you fill it with tons of potential clients ready to pull the trigger and start making use of your services? How can you find the clients, get them committed and get started on new projects? 

If you’re asking yourself these questions – this is an episode of The Climb you can’t afford to miss.

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