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“You can’t control how you’re perceived. You can only control how you present.”

— Jon Tsourakis

The Climb Ep. 49 – How to Zen Up Your Agency

What does it mean to Zen up your agency? Zen’s philosophy teaches us to understand life’s meaning directly. It shows us that non-discriminatory wisdom and compassion allows us to enjoy the concrete thing of everyday life and nature fully. For a business or digital agency, Zen is about understanding your business and its goals and your clients’ business and goals without being bogged down by traditional business practices or conventional management theories.

This episode of the Climb is all about purpose. It’s about finding your businesses “Why” and building your culture around that purpose. It’s about finding balance within your agency and allowing that peace to guide your agency’s mindset. It’s about finding your agency’s zen.

To help us better understand how to discover and recover from the harmful practices that don’t allow your business to improve, we feature clips from my recent interview with Keith Roberts of Zenman.

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