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“We strive to match great clients with great team members and that means we don't say yes to everything that comes across our way even though it could check off some of the boxes that we expect to check.”

— Kevin Hourigan

The Climb Ep #69 – Mergers, EOS, and More with Kevin Hourigan

When it comes to scaling digital agents – Kevin Hourigan is a foremost expert.

Since taking over as CEO of Bayshore Solutions in 1996, Kevin has grown the agency from modesty to a full-service internet strategy company, delivering custom web design, development, and marketing solutions to over 2,600 clients in 54 countries.

Now, Bayshore Solutions has merged with Spinutech to form a full-service digital agency of the future and Kevin is taking on new challenges and is ready to help grow this new agency to even greater heights.

In this episode of The Climb, Kevin joins Jon and David to discuss agency growth, EOS, the merger of Bayshore Solutions with Spinutech, and how to scale your business to the next level.

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