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“Imagine that everybody else is enlightened, everybody you meet, apart from me. And, so how can I learn from these enlightened beings?”

— Jonathan Bowman-Perks

The Climb Ep #70 – Leadership With Jonathan Bowman-Perks

Jonathan Bowman-Perks is a globally renowned executive coach and public speaker who provides leadership support for C-Suite and Board-level executives for some of the world’s biggest brands. He also delivers motivational speeches, leveraging his learnings from years in both military and corporate life. He’s the coach to top CEO and leaders and has fantastic stories about overcoming tragedies, as well as the host of a top 2% podcast. In this episode, Jonathan talks about what it takes to be a leader in today’s world and his unique approach. We also discuss how you feel, what’s in the way, what’s holding you back. Learn why your perspective either becomes a rocket or an anchor.

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