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“ Work doesn’t have to be something you just do, it can be meaningful and purposeful.”

— Jeb Banner

The Climb Ep. 9 w/Jeb Banner of Boardable (and Smallbox)

Purpose, Products and Real Presence

What’s your purpose? Does it align with your agency’s purpose?

Here’s another thing to consider, are you trying to make your agency something it’s not?

These are questions Jeb Banner kept asking himself. He was the CEO of his agency, kept hitting walls and got burned out. Although while he was still running it, he spent the last 5 years trying to find a product, trying to find something with recurring revenue.

From this, he discovered what happens when DNA clashes. His agency wanted to be an agency. He wanted to build a product and be a product company. Round peg, square hole. You’ve seen it before, but it’s hard to notice when it’s you— the cause of the issue.

Jeb noticed and did something about it. After multiple attempts at building a product, he finally spun one out —Boardable, a board management platform that helps nonprofit communicate.

Join us for episode 9 where chat about why musicians are better employees, core values, how to develop a product for your agency, what it takes to be a healthy CEO and way more.

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Show Notes