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“Most agencies have one to three months cash reserves. You're going to need at least six.”

— Nicholas Petroski

The Climb Ep. 12 w/ Nicholas Petroski: Agency Survival Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

Navigating a crisis is tough in any industry. But when you’re a marketing agency, it can be even tougher.  

For instance, how many months of capital do you have on hand? Hopefully more than 1-3 months. According to our guest Nick, that’s the average. And based on what he’s saying, you need 6 months or more.

He’s a researcher and a strategist with a financial background who happens to work with agencies. 

I thought he would be a good guest to speak to about the Coronavirus pandemic and he didn’t disappoint. 

So what are your plans? Are we as whole calculating the longterm economic impact? Are you still in shock waiting to take action?

Have a listen as we talk through a lot of things you may be thinking about right now. 

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Show Notes