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“Go into the deal about the people and come out of the deal about the people. The numbers will take care of themselves.”

— Mike Rose

The Climb Podcast Ep. 7 w/Nikole & Mike Rose

Sometimes you meet couples that compliment each other in every way. Sometimes they marry. And sometimes they decide to run a business together. 

This kind of teamwork isn’t ordinary. And I mean real teamwork. And when it starts at the top and trickles through your business down to the newest employees, you have a solid culture. And when you have a solid culture, anything is achievable. 

I had the honor to interview Nikole & Mike Rose, the two people I’m attempting to describe here. The company they’ve built embodies the inbound marketing agency many ascribe to have. They’re a HubSpot Diamond Partner. They embrace Open Book Management (OBM). They follow the EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System). To many others, these are just popular buzzwords, and in many cases, expensive distractions. 

To Nikole & Mike, these aren’t just fads. These are systems and methods they worked hard to implement and are now reaping rewards. But they would be too humble to credit themselves for this, and rightfully so. They would credit the culture and their team. 

(And as quick aside, here’s an example of Mike’s humility. When I asked if he wanted to promote anything, he took that time to promote our next Digital Mastermind Summit, which takes place in December. What a guy!)

So if you want to grow your agency, are thinking about acquiring other companies, have questions on culture, then this show is for you.

Join us for episode seven where we talked about everything from acquisitions to TopGun, the definition of “likeability,’ how to avoid culture clashes and more. 

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