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Why Join Digital Mastermind?

Digital Mastermind is a community of digital agency owners and leaders that believe in the power of the mastermind concept to elevate the industry. Made up of members from all over the world, Digital Mastermind is a place where agency owners and leaders can share challenges, discuss best practices, learn from industry experts and get help with issues in their businesses.

Our members leverage each other's expertise and experience to create better results for their organizations then they could on their own. We communicate in a private Slack Group and hold regular events and phone calls throughout the year.

A view of the Brooklyn Bridge through a brick archway. The Dan Englander's Sales Schema is based out of Brooklyn, NY.

The Climb Ep #64 – Sales Outreach for Agencies with Dan Englander

Does your agency have a legal plan? Intellectual property and marketing attorney Sharon Toerek joins us to discuss agency legal processes.

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Black and white photograph of a sculpture of Themis, the Lady of good counsel

The Climb Ep. 63 – Legal advice for Agency owners with Sharon Toerek

We get it: No agency owner ever wants to deal with legal issues. That’s why we have attorneys and if your agency doesn’t have a lawyer, you’re making a serious mistake. On this episode of the, we interviewed Intellectual property…

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Island cliffs overlook the sea.

The Climb Ep. 62 – Agency Match Making with Robin Boehler

Finding your perfect match can be challenging. And I’m not talking about dating, but what Search companies’ like Robin Boehler’s Mercer Island Group when hired to match an agency to a company’s need. Having worked with some of the biggest…

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