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Take the next step. Find out if Digital Mastermind is right for your agency.

Why Join Digital Mastermind?

Digital Mastermind is a community of digital agency owners and leaders that believe in the power of the mastermind concept to elevate the industry. Made up of members from all over the world, Digital Mastermind is a place where agency owners and leaders can share challenges, discuss best practices, learn from industry experts and get help with issues in their businesses.

Our members leverage each other's expertise and experience to create better results for their organizations then they could on their own. We communicate in a private Slack Group and hold regular events and phone calls throughout the year.

Selling your Agency with Lorraine Ball

Ep #76 – Selling your Agency with Lorraine Ball

It’s another Digital Mastermind production of The Climb where Jon and David speak with Lorraine Ball a long time DMG member. We get into motivation of selling, knowing what you want and what not to accept and all things marketing.

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Working with Agencies with Chris Martinez

The Climb Ep #75 – Working with Agencies with Chris Martinez

In this episode of the Climb, Jon & David talk “People” and “Good Fits” with Dude Agencies own Chris Martinez and having a productive environment, the right tools, good to great pay, healthy culture, and effective systems, for starters.

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Dashboards with Steph Hermanson

The Climb Ep #74 – Dashboards with Steph Hermanson

In this episode The Climb, Jon and David speak with Steph Hermanson about dashboards and tracking your client’s key performance indicators. If you’re looking to offer more value to your clients, this is the episode for you.

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Web Development

June 3, 2021 @ 12:00 pm - June 3, 2029 @ 12:00 pm
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