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About DMG

Are You Digital Mastermind Material?

Digital Mastermind is a community of digital agency owners who believe in the value of collaboration and peer learning in the industry. They are leaders not only in their agencies but in the market.

The landscape of digital marketing is changing so fast that we sometimes feel like we barely have time to breathe. Once we’ve put in a (long) day’s work involving sales, marketing, finance, HR, admin, and 17 other things that need our attention it’s almost impossible to consistently find the time to work on the business, rather than in it.

That’s why groups like Digital Mastermind are so critical to our growth as agency owners. By spending time with other agency owners and leaders, we learn how to approach challenges in new ways. We pick up tips and tactics that we never knew existed. We get exposed to tools and technologies that we otherwise wouldn’t have time to research.

How Our Group Works

There’s a nominal annual fee. We meet once a year at our annual event, stay in touch via our Slack channel and periodic phone calls.

How Do You Join?

Easy. Schedule a phone call. We’ll have a quick chat and see if you’re a good fit. Chances are, you are.

Some of Our Members