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“We’re still not saving lives, but we saved some jobs and that feels good.”

Thank you, 2020

By many accounts 2020 sucked. There’s no denying that.

But there were a lot of good takeaways. At the beginning of the year, they said this would be the year for focus. “They” just didn’t know what we’d be focusing on.

People used to complain they didn’t get enough time to spend with their family at home. Well, now, they have that in spades.

Others dreamed they could work from anywhere. They have the freedom to do that now, too, as long as a city will welcome them.

As for businesses, a lot of us took it on the chin. Numbers down, clients lost and some with shuttered doors.

But every now and then a shock to the system is a good thing. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like that people are getting sick, some dying and others losing their jobs.

But I welcome the perspective that it provides.

Now, I look at what I do differently.

I used to say when employees got stressed out, “take it easy, we not saving lives here.”

But we had a client tell us this year that if it wouldn’t have been for our efforts their business wouldn’t have made it through COVID.

We’re still not saving lives, but we saved some jobs and that feels good.

I also saw businesses pivot and fight for a new position in a new market to survive. And they did it!

I discovered that agency owners will come together and share strategies to help one another in the most trying of times.

I learned that I didn’t need to take so many people to lunch or be in-person to close big deals.

I also learned to trust my team more — they don’t have to be in the same space to get work done. In fact, they get more done when I’m not around.

So I’m not saying good riddance to 2020. I’m saying thank you for the lessons. Granted, I hope 2021’s a kinder teacher.

And with that, have a happy new year, my friend.

See you next year,

Jon Tsourakis