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“Just going out and shouting what you do or make is not enough. Make sure they understand what you do that is uniquely different than everyone else they just heard.”

— Charlie Flax

The Climb Episode 11 w/ Charlie Flax of Propeller

Authenticity, Differentiation, & PonyCycles

Charlie’s authentic. No one can argue this.

He’s always hustling. He’s a hustler. But not in the conman type of way. Rather, in the “lots of action” kind of way. Although he thinks it can be a problem, I’d argue this.

But then again, maybe I think too much. 😉

Over the last 14 years, he’s honed the actions that built his agency, into a strategic powerhouse with 40+ people.

In fact, some could argue he owns the digital health care marketing niche.

He’s accomplished this by delivering work so good for his clients, they brag about him. These are the best type of referrals.

And now he’s clear on his differentiator. Here’s his value proposition: “Where strategy, content, and execution are ‘chromosomically’ linked.”

Hell, I couldn’t pronounce that C-word, but who am I?

And if you asked Charlie how to find your differentiator, you’d probably get an answer that sounds something like this “If you don’t know it, find it. Stop pretending and manufacturing. Act like a big agency and ask the people you’re doing the work for.”

You gotta love an answer like that.

He’s pretty clear on his opinions. I like that in person. No sugar coating. Real unbridled authenticity. It’s refreshing. I think you’ll like it too.

Join us where we talk about working your niche, selling wider and deeper into companies, retargeting, PonyCycles, culture, prison, punching, outcome-based marketing, value-based pricing, keeping and fostering talent and way more.

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