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“The more global challenges your customers have, the more global responses your team needs to be able to provide. ”

— Jason Rosenbaum

The Climb Ep. 14 w/ Jason Rosenbaum – How to Create & Manage a Remote Digital Agency

I love changing my mind. It means someone produced a piece of data or such a compelling argument that I’ve taken a new position. In other words, I learned something new.

Before this interview, I was pretty deadset in my opinion on working remotely. I believed something was lost when humans are not in the same building.

First off, what I have to say is he’s a professional. He’s got family directly affected by the crisis. But he still came on the show.

I know. It’s old school. And times are changing.

But that’s why my guest was the perfect person to chat with about a distributed workforce.

Jason’s agency is born and bred out of a distributed environment almost ten years ago. He has employees all over the world. And no, he’s not from the future. I asked him. He’s just ahead of the curve, where he’s embraced this evolving structure from a logical perspective.

You see, it’s not about cost or saving money. That’s the wrong way to look at it. It’s about your ability to deliver more to your clients.

To Jason, this model has created a sum greater than it’s parts. His agency is profitable and productive. And it’s attracted stronger talent, developing a more diverse, experienced workforce.

So you have to ask yourself:

  • Do you want more diversity?
  • Do you want stronger talent?
  • Do you want a more productive workforce that works from home?

Who the hell wouldn’t? This episode is for you, especially now that most of the world is forced to work from home.

Listen to our chat with Jason, where we talk about how to create and manage a distributed digital agency, profit sharing, onboarding team members, Pearl Jam and a whole hell of a lot more.

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Show Notes