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“If you want to have a smart business - find a purpose. Find something your for and do the things to push that forward. That's a smart business model. ”

— Ken Ott

The Climb Ep. 24 – Sell Your Heart Out w/ Ken Ott of Metacake

Ken Ott is more than just an eCommerce mastermind – He’s an entrepreneur, a writer, a speaker, and a song writer.

As the founder of Metacake – a World-Class Ecommerce Growth Team – Ken has helped the world’s most influential direct-to-consumer brands catapult their growth.

If your agency works with direct-to-consumer clients, Ken has the information you need to skyrocket your client’s eCommerce, no matter how big or small the client.

As always you’ll get my “Tsourakis Topics” and Dave brings you “By The Numbers”.

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