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“I don't really believe in Networking... I believe in Relationships. I believe in actually being interested in other people and what they're about. ”

— Lee Wochner

The Climb Ep. 27 – Building and Fostering a Network

Does your agency have a robust network? Can you scroll through your Rolodex to find new opportunities for sale, collaboration, or get new information?

Networking isn’t just for individuals – it’s an important aspect of building and maintaining digital agencies as well. It allows you to develop long-term relationships with other agencies that are both mutually beneficial and create lasting impressions.

If your agency is looking for opportunities to build your network, this episode of the Climb will give you the tips and tricks to find networking partners. Join me, Jon Tsourakis, and my partner in Climb, David McGraw, as well as Lee Wochner of Counter Intuity, as we discuss how you can build and foster a network.

As always you’ll get my “Tsourakis Topics” and Dave brings you “By The Numbers”.

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