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“You need to have a long-term goal and then you need to be very fluid with your routes to achieve that goal. You need to be able to be agile when things change.”

— David McGraw

The Climb Ep. 33 – Annual Planning – How to Plan for the Coming Year

How do you approach annual planning? Are you planning for the upcoming year? In order to succeed as a digital agency – planning is absolutely necessary. You must have an agile plan in place that is both actionable and flexible enough to adjust to the things you can’t predict. Whether your plan is 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months – developing a plan is the first step an agency can take to begin taking steps towards success.

In this episode of the Climb, David and I discuss the best practices of annual planning and how to create a quality plan that’s simple, realistic, and flexible.

We go over how to plan for client and employee turnover, reviewing and assessing your goals and milestones, the most important Key Performance Indicators, and how to forecast for new clients. 

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