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“Maybe you have terrific culture and shared values and great camaraderie, but you're not actually family. You’re a team.”

— Kerry McClenahan

The Climb Podcast Ep. 8 w/Kerry McClenahan

Lifestyle Firm to Growth Firm to Acquisition

Kerry’s agency was a lifestyle business. She had no idea. But when she discovered this, she wanted a growth business.

So she maximized the value of her agency beyond the revenue and profit margin. She focused on differentiation, processes and specialization — working with B2B tech firms.

She also stopped thinking of her employees as family and started thinking of them as team members.

Something must have worked. Because along the way, she was approached 7 times before finally selling.

Now she runs the global office for North America for Publitek. And she’s happier than ever.

Join us for episode eight where we chat about her climb, leadership, acquisition targets, communicating expectations, and more.

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Show Notes