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“If you want it, you can have it. Get out of your own way.”

— Shannon Prager

The Climb Podcast ep. 6 w/Shannon Prager

Mentors are important. To Shannon, it’s important to have one and to be one. 

Don’t get me wrong, Shannon’s not a preacher. She’s more than that. Shes’ a teacher, a role model. 

She’s built a successful, growing marketing agency with a team of women that she empowers by telling her story and being transparent about her life. (And before you ask, it’s not that she won’t hire a man, this is just the way it’s worked out so far.)

But Shannon’s the real deal. She lives “women empowerment” and wants others to understand “you can have it if you want it.” And she believes people can get in their own way. They create the self-limiting beliefs that disempower themselves. 

Sound simple enough fix? It’s not. We know that. 

So join us for episode 6 where we discuss women empowerment, role models, kid guilt, custom marketing approaches, psychedelics and a bunch of marketing tips and strategies along the way. 

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Show Notes